About Carissa

As you've likely already guessed, my name is Carissa. I'm an English graduate of Regent University, hence the reason for my insane love of reading. I just wish I could devote more of my life to be favorite pastime. I work for a Christian nonprofit in their finance department, hence the reason my reading time is limited. I'm single, no children, a devout lover of the Lord Jesus Christ, and jealously fond of all things British.

I don't often participate in challenges unless they fall into my purview of interests, i.e. I won't be participating in a horror reading challenge unless it's strictly classic horror like Frankenstein or Dracula.

I am involved in the Classics Club Challenge and the Classic Children's Literature Event, the first of which is ongoing, and the second of which happens every April. I have not been faithful to either in 2016, but am intending to up my participation in 2017.

I no longer participate in "blogging for books" programs hosted by publishing houses. It puts too much pressure on my reading schedule where I feel obligated to read what is required and not what actually interests me.

My reading interests are mainly: Christian historic, classics, children's literature, YA literature.

I hope you enjoy wandering around my blog, and I pray for patience as I continue to get the genre lists of my reviews in order.


  1. Your blog looks great, Carissa. Love the new theme. :)


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