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Reading "Twilight" (Part 2)

So, nearly a month later I make the time to finish reading Twilight. As I expected it took me less than two days to complete the 300 pages I had left. Stephanie is nothing if not an easy read. Now comes the moment of truth. What do I think of Twilight? My ultimate conclusion is that women who are sadly unhappy with their lives will be drawn to Twilight the most. There's something lacking from their existence that Edward fills. Respect, admiration, and yes, love flowing from a "beautiful" man to a painfully ordinary girl would tempt almost any woman in unhappy circumstances to wish for their own Edward. And so the Twihards are born.

Was anyone else frustrated by the constantly changing moods of the main characters? Here's where Stephanie's writing comes into play. I cannot imagine bouncing from emotion to emotion the way Edward and Bella do on a daily basis. Bella's happy, she's sad, she's angry, she's pouting, etc. Edward's angry, he's defe…